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Support ALDA

Donations are welcome in any size. You can submit your donation conveniently through the Online Payment Form by credit card or check. We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization so the donations are tax deductible.

Ways to Support ALDA

  • Personal Contributions
  • Corporate Contributions

Types of Donation

There are various types of donations that can be made.

  • General: Unrestricted donations.
  • Memorial: Donations made in the honor of a loved/special one.
  • Commemoration: Celebrate an occasion or accomplishment with a tribute gift.
  • Estate: Donations directed as part of your estate.

Donation Funds

  • ALDAcon Scholarship: Donations for ALDA members to attend ALDA annual conventions. With this type of donation, members can meet others who share the experience of hearing loss.
  • Edna Shipley-Conner Newcomer Fund: Fund that will be used to provide scholarships for newcomer ALDAcon attendees.
  • Matching Corporate Funds: Corporations that will match your donation. If your company has a matching gift, grant, or volunteer program, please have them send any forms to the Treasurer.
  • Corporate Volunteer Organization: Corporations that give donations to organizations of your choice for volunteer activities.

How to Advertise

ALDA invites you to display your logo/banner on our website. This website is created as a hub for people with various hearing losses to be able to come together and communicate about upcoming events, express, advocate, and educate about hearing loss.

The website has special features that make it accessible. Visitors can participate in our Community Forum, see ALDA E-News, and visit exclusive Members-only pages. Members-only pages enable communication with the Board of Directors and provides access to special publications.

ALDA distributes roughly 600 ALDA News and Biz to members and businesses that support people with hearing loss. With the combination package, your logo/banner will be on these widely-seen publications. Each ad has prime positioning and messages from all of our sponsors rotate randomly throughout the website. If you are already an Active Sponsor of ALDA though the past and future ALDAcons & ALDA News, you can benefit from the special discount offered to only those who have shown their ongoing support of ALDA.
If you want to become Active Sponsor or advertise on this website, please contact Kathy Schlueter for further information. For ALDA News advertising, please email Treasurer.